Ellie - Jelly Roll - Pre-Order Reservation


This Ellie Jelly Roll  is made up of a palette of 40 - 2.5" x 42" strips.

Jelly Rolls are scheduled to be shipping mid to late October 2023.

Regular Jelly Roll price:  reg. $47.95  

Pre-Order price: $43.95 

Deposit (non refundable) - to reserve your Jelly Roll: $10.00

(Remainder of Jelly Roll price ($33.95) plus shipping will be invoiced (see below) when pre-cuts are ready to ship.)

Jelly Roll pre-order info: (please be sure to read all info!)

Pre-ordering a fabric bundle, pre-cut item, or kit is a great way to be sure you don’t miss out on the limited number we will have available. Please know that the option to pre-order is for a limited time, as we will need to order the fabrics, & we cannot guarantee the availability of any additional pre-cuts after the initial order is placed.

To secure your pre-order, a portion of the Jelly Roll ($10.00) is charged to you today that will reserve your Jelly Roll  for you & the remainder will be billed to you when the Jelly Roll s are ready to ship. ***Please note that that reservation part of your pre-order is non-refundable.***   For the remainder of your pre-order we will email an invoice that you can pay online. Upon receipt of the final payment, your Jelly Roll will be shipped. If you wish to make other arrangements for paying for the remainder of your pre-order, please contact us at  If, after two weeks, we do not receive the balance payment - or hear from you, your pre-order will have to be cancelled, & the pre-order portion of your payment will be forfeited, & the pre-order will become available for someone else.

Please don’t add other items along with your pre-order(s). We are not able to hold other items that are not pre-order items & we don’t want for your shipping charges to increase because of additional shipping. There is no problem with ordering multiple pre-order items (for example a pre-order fabric bundle & other pre-order pre-cuts) in one order - but currently in-stock items will need to be placed on a separate order. (Thanks for understanding!)

If you have any questions - please email us at


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