Diagonal Seam Tape


Diagonal Seam Tape - 10 yards

by Cluck Cluck Sew 

I don't really try (much less promote) many notions... but when I really like something & can share it with you - I do!  I love the simplicity of this seam tape & especially how - whenever you wish - you can replace it with a fresh piece. (...but I have gone through several big projects before I even though about it!)

Diagonal Seam Tape is simply washi tape that is placed on the front plate of your sewing machine to act as a guide while you are sewing diagonal seams. The red line in the center is aligned with the needle of your machine, and the black lines on either side are exactly 1/4" to each side, to represent a 1/4" seam allowance. The tape is strong, thin, sticks well to almost any surface, and comes off easily. Each roll has 10 yards of tape so it should last a really long time.

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