Bella Solid - Home Town Sky


Bella Solid in Home Town Sky (177)

100% cotton

by Moda Fabrics  -  42" wide


*** This is a great color that is a wonderful balance of blue - green - grey. (...& is one of my favorites!)  It has appeared in a couple of my collections & is the 'blue' for my 'Caroline' collection.

Fabric yardage is sold by the 1/2 yd. unit - so, if you wish to order multiple half-yards, you will need to enter 1 for ½ yd.,  2 for 1 yd.,  3 for 1½ yds.,  4 for 2 yds., etc. . .

Mulitple half-yard increments will be sent as one piece (for example, if you order 4 - we will cut one 2 yard piece.).

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