Georgia Layer Cake - Pre-Order Reservation


Georgia  -  by Brenda Riddle Designs for Moda.

When I began quilting, Mom and I created a quilt together. She did embroidery squares and I designed the blocks and layout. One of the first decisions was what colors we were going to use, and I asked her what were her favorite colors when she was growing up. She didn’t have just one, but she quickly answered that she had always loved lavender, soft green, and a little bit of yellow. That immediately became the colors we used in the quilt we made together. (I still have and treasure that quilt to this day!)

A soothing, cool shade of lavender, soft green, a touch of butter yellow, a grounding pebble hue, and, of course, a soft white are featured in my Georgia collection, where vintage florals, basketweaves, small floral accents, and a sweet floral stripe create a classic vintage feel.

(Also, as a part of this Georgia collection, I am re-releasing a very special quilt called “Remember ‘Whoo’ Loves You,” created to share the love my mom had for all the grand-littles she never got to meet.)

A Layer Cake  (42  -  10” x 10” squares)

100% cotton

Pre-cuts are scheduled to be shipping mid-to-late July 2024.

Regular Layer Cake price:  reg. $47.95  

Pre-Order price: $43.95 

Deposit (non refundable) - to reserve your Layer Cake: $10.00

(Remainder of Layer Cake price ($33.95) plus shipping will be invoiced (see below) when bundles are ready to ship.)

Pre-cut  pre-order info: (please be sure to read all info!)

Pre-ordering a fabric bundle, pre-cut item, or kit is a great way to be sure you don’t miss out on the limited number we will have available. Please know that the option to pre-order is for a limited time, as we will need to order the fabrics, & we cannot guarantee the availability of any additional bundles after the initial order is placed.

To secure your pre-order, a portion of the pre-cut ($10.00) is charged to you today that will reserve your pre-cut for you & the remainder will be billed to you when the pre-cuts are ready to ship. ***Please note that that reservation part of your pre-order is non-refundable.***   For the remainder of your pre-cut we will email an invoice that you can pay online. Upon receipt of the final payment, your pre-cut will be shipped. If you wish to make other arrangements for paying for the remainder of your pre-order, please contact us at  If, after two weeks, we do not receive the balance payment - or hear from you, your pre-order will have to be cancelled, & the pre-order portion of your payment will be forfeited, & the pre-cut will become available for someone else.

Please don’t add other items along with your pre-order(s). We are not able to hold other items that are not pre-order items & we don’t want for your shipping charges to increase because of additional shipping. There is no problem with ordering multiple pre-order items (for example a pre-order fabric bundle & other pre-order pre-cuts) in one order - but currently in-stock items will need to be placed on a separate order. (Thanks for understanding!)

If you have any questions - please email us at

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