Brenda Riddle Designs

Home Comforts

Thinking of home. . . whether it's the home we grew up in - that holds our childhood memories, or the home we strive to make today. . . the word 'home' carries with it so many memories.

Memories that remind us of childhood times, or the memories that are to come. . . the memories that bring us back to home are those that also can bring such comfort.

Home Comforts is a return to some of those memories. . . from childhood tea parties to picnics in the backyard - with a hint of a soft breeze. . . those memories that warm our hearts.

My hope is that these projects will help you celebrate all the comforts of home. . . the ones in your memory. . . & the ones you will make for your home & family & friends.
28 Pages filled with 7 quilt & accessory projects.

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