A New Chapter

Welcome to the new website & "blog"!

While I understand the makings of the term 'blog' ( - a shortened version of web-log), I wanted to change it for this new chapter. So, I've decided to call it my 'journal'. I've long left behind the days of keeping a daily 'diary' or 'journal', and heaven knows, I've slacked off writing blog posts in the past few years.

But this feels different.

I think that with all the things happening in my world (& in the world) these days, I feel the desire to slow down a little bit to try to find and write down and share those things that really matter to me. Hopefully, they will also resonate with you as well, or at least bring a little bit of joy. 

While the rest of the website is all about the business side (& hopefully it brings you joy too!!), I hope to bring a little more of me & my life experiences in this little journal.

So welcome... welcome to my little corner of the world. I'm so happy that you've stopped by & please feel free to continue the conversation & leave a comment!



I Love all your patterns & fabric collections! My niece had a baby girl last week & I made her the Estelle quilt in aqua, on the back I used the blue print from your Grace line. When I took it off my long arm in April her sister called me about her shower I asked if she had chosen a name for the baby and she said Grace Ann! I was shocked so I sewed the amazing Grace selvage in the binding. Its gorgeous. Now I need to make myself one, I love the red one on your website.

Karen Davis August 03, 2022

Love your fabric line and your patterns. So glad I found you!

Annamarie Tobias February 21, 2022

Congratulations on the new website. I especially love seeing the quilts close up. I am a huge fan of yours and I just cannot resist your fabrics. You are one of the main reasons I started quilting because your fabrics are just so beautiful and feminine. Above all, I love the fact that you love Jesus.
Thank you so much for inspiring us with your creations.

Thank you for the generous offer on the patterns.


Florence November 14, 2019

The new website is lovely, Brenda!

Karen S October 23, 2019

I have followed you for some time — about 10 years I think! I have made several of your patterns and your fabrics are among my fabrics. Congratulations on your new chapter!

Diane Ruby October 22, 2019

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