Bella Solid - Off White


Bella Solid in Off White (200)

100% cotton

by Moda Fabrics  -  42" wide 

*** This is my all time favorite  go-to fabric color for my soft white backgrounds. A lot of folks have asked - so here it is!... This is the 'white' that all my 'linen white' colorways for all my fabric collections (all th way back to Ambleside!) for Moda are based on. 

Fabric yardage is sold by the 1/2 yd. unit - so, if you wish to order multiple half-yards, you will need to enter 1 for ½ yd.,  2 for 1 yd.,  3 for 1½ yds.,  4 for 2 yds., etc. . .

Mulitple half-yard increments will be sent as one piece (for example, if you order 4 - we will cut one 2 yard piece.).

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