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Opie's Home - paper pattern


In the history of American television, the name Opie is an iconic name for a little red-headed small-town boy. . . but for me, it’s actually a family name. My Grandpa’s middle name is Opie (& it was his nickname) & my Dad, named after my Grandpa, also proudly carries the name Opie.  Me? .  .  I love the name. It’s one of my favorite names - a classic name . . . bringing to mind simpler times.

So, when it came time to name this design, with it’s classic quilt blocks log cabin border & sizes . . . the name Opie just seemed to fit the classic origins of the blocks & the classic border.  As it has for me, I hope this ‘Opie’ quilt becomes a special part of your life too!

Option ‘A’ - 66”x 66”  

Option ‘B’ - 82”x 82”  

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