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I love designing fabrics. 

From the first Quilt Market I attended & I was able to see all of the quilt fabrics displayed and as I learned more and more about fabric collections - I began to dream of putting prints and coordinates together to create a collection of my own. I was blessed that I was able to realize that dream a few years later, and even today, I still love the process of creating fabric collections. 

Once in a while - there is a collection that comes along that really tugs at my heart, and my newest collection, ‘Georgia’, is definitely one of them. ‘Georgia', is named after my Mom, and there is so much about it that I think she would love.

The colors in my ‘Georgia’ collection are the colors that my Mom loved from the time she was a little girl. When I first started quilting, my Mom & I made a quilt together. She had embroidery squares that she had used on another quilt, & she wondered if I’d like to use them in a quilt. She would do the embroidery - and then I could design a quilt setting to use them in (. & it was the very first quilt setting I ever designed!). When Mom gathered the embroidery squares, she asked me what colors I wanted her to use.  I honestly hadn’t even thought about it & in creating something with my Mom - I wanted it to be special, so I asked her what her favorite colors were as a child. She said quickly that she had always loved lavender, soft green & soft yellow together, & from that moment, I knew that this colors would be perfect. I remember while she was stitching on the embroidery squares, Mom commenting how much she was enjoying working with the colors she had always loved. It was, & still is a precious memory & a favorite quilt of mine.


So, when it came time to choose colors for this collection - using a soft green & soft yellow with the lavender was in honor of my Mom & then I added the soft white & pebble colors to round out the grouping

 The other thing I was happy to get to do was to re-release a quilt I had designed several years ago called, Remember ‘Whooo’ Loves You’. 

This is a very special quilt that I designed in honor of my Mom - for when her grand-daughters (that she loved so much!) started having their own babies. Here is what I wrote for the pattern:

“As we were growing up - my Mom collected owls. She truly loved them. Mom even made adorable little owls from yarn & driftwood - (one of which is a very special treasure of mine!) Another thing that Mom loved, were babies. . . & when she became a Grandma to her five grand-daughters. . . she loved every minute she had to hold and snuggle them, and to sing to them.(Mom had a beautiful singing voice!)

Now that those grand-daughters are becoming mommies. . . & since Mom is no longer with us. . . I just knew that these precious little ones (& all the ones to follow) somehow deserved to be held & loved by their Great-Grandma Georgia.  So, when it came time to make each one their first quilt - the idea of this little owl design fit perfectly. Even though Mom couldn’t snuggle them in person - they will always know that - even so - she loves them still.”

I’ve made many of these quilts, &  it was extra special to be able to make a new ‘Remember ‘Whooo’ Loves You’ quilt using my Georgia fabrics. As soon as I finished this one, I sent it off to one of my nieces to welcome her first baby - a sweet little girl. I just received a photo from my sister-in-law while they were in the middle of a photo shoot… notice the quilt? … & I couldn’t love it more.

Along with ‘Remember ‘Whooo’ Loves You',  I also designed three other quilts that feature ‘Georgia’ - ‘Cherish’, ‘Field of Stars’, ‘Little Baskets’, & a new embroidery design ‘Faith, Hope, Love’.  

For now - you can find them on the website - & I’ll do another post featuring them.

To see all the prints in ‘Georgia’ - click here.

If you got this far in this lengthy post - thank you!! You’re the best!

I hope that you find a place for some 'Georgia' in your home! Be sure you ask your local quilt shop if they will be carrying 'Georgia' fabrics. Moda fabric reps are currently showing them to quilt shops & so be sure to ask. If you don't have a local quilt shop - we are taking reservations for some of the precuts. The Georgia collection is scheduled to ship in July 2024.

♥︎  Bren


Thank you for sharing such precious memories of your mom. The fabric is beautiful!

Karen S February 13, 2024

Love the fabric and the story behind it! This brought back so many memories for me of both my maternal grandmother and my mom. My Grandma’s favorite color was lavender and her favorite flowers, lilacs. That passed down to me, although I can think of only one thing I have in my home which is lavender in color. I am looking forward to creating something with your Georgia line of fabric!!

My mother also loved owls and had several owl items in her home (including an owl made with feathers which was perched on a piece of driftwood.) :-)

Thank you so much for bringing these fond memories to my morning. Such a lovely blessing first thing in the day!

Dorsi February 13, 2024

So heartfelt Bren. Gorgeous collection💛💜🤍

Mary Andra February 11, 2024

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