Acorn Cottage - Estella

When I first saw an Irish Chain quilt, I instantly loved it. Then I discovered that there were variations of the Irish Chain design & I was utterly fascinated by them.

Over the years I had seen different versions the design that I based my ‘Estella’ quilt from. Part of he fun for me was figuring out the process for making it - & making it as simple as possible.(Be sure to take note of that…! I don’t often find that part of designing so fun!) But the simplicity and the delicate look of this vintage design truly did steal my heart.Acorn Cottage - Estella quilt

 So, who might Estella be?… that I would name this pattern after?

Grandma Estella Lawson

Estella is my maternal Grandma, Estella Lawson. She was also a quilter, (I’m doubly blessed, as both of my grandmas were quilters!), & whenever you hear about my introduction to quilts - those up high in the linen closet - several of those quilts were made by Grandma Estella. I credit her with my love of the light, airy feel that I love to use in so many of my quilt designs. Hers were all like that. So, it was perfect that I name this quilt after her.

I’ve made my Estella quilt in several colorways already… & I know that I will be making more! One of my plans for one of them is to reverse the colors - use the color for the background, & white for the ‘design’…! What color(s) would you choose?



(I'll be back with more quilts from 'Acorn Cottage', and until then, if you want to get more peeks at the projects included in the book, Martingale, Amazon, & Barnes and Noble have posted a bunch of photos. You can pre-order at any of their websites (as well as mine), & I also want to encourage you - if you have a local quilt shop - to let them know & ask them to order it for you!)

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That is really special, Brenda. Grandmothers are so wonderful!

Karen S February 09, 2020

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