Acorn Cottage - Pebbles

Simple. Classic. Vintage Inspired. These are my favorite elements in the quilts I love. Pebbles has a classic checkerboard pattern that just calls for a good snuggle.

Sometimes… you just want to be able to make a quilt that doesn’t call for too much thinking. Pebbles is just that quilt. I remember seeing some vintage quilts that I call ‘background’ quilts… those quilts that aren’t flashy, simple in design & can work wonderfully & play nice with other quilts.

I made Pebbles to showcase some fabrics that I loved. I used some beautiful warm greys, porcelain whites, & just a touch of the softest pinks to create a quilt that would work in so many different settings. For your own quilt - this design would work well with any colorway & is perfect for any age group… the options are endless for this timeless quilt design.

So... just for fun... What colors would you use to make Pebbles?... &/or what quilt design could you see Pebbles coordinating/'playing nice' with?



(I'll be back with more quilts from 'Acorn Cottage', and until then, if you want to get more peeks at the projects included in the book, Martingale, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble have posted a bunch of photos. You can pre-order at any of their websites (as well as mine), & I also want to encourage you - if you have a local quilt shop - to let them know & ask them to order it for you!)


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This is just so soft and beautiful, Brenda! Makes me want to stop everything and start my own. I might sway out the pink for some soft blues, but either way, it is stunning!

Sharita February 10, 2020

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