Blockheads 4 - Gentleman's Fancy

Hi Folks! -

I’ve followed the Blockheads sew-a-long in the past years, so I was so pleased to be invited to add a block this time around!  My block is called ‘Gentleman’s Fancy’ & I chose it in honor of my Dad. 

One of the words that folks used to describe my Dad was ‘dapper’ & so this block seemed perfect!  (When I was a little girl, my Dad was actually chosen as one of the best dressed businessmen in San Diego, & I remember a newspaper article & they had him ‘model suits, for photos for the article!) 

 Even into his ‘sunset’ years, he still was a snappy dresser.

I chose to use some of the fabrics from my upcoming ‘The Shores’ fabric collection, & I’m so excited to see all of the versions that folks create! I love that Moda gives options for each blocks… & now I want to make it in all the options!  You can find the ‘Gentleman’s Fancy’ block here  -

I hope you have fun making your ‘Gentleman’s Fancy’ block!  

💙   Bren


Thank you for bringing us a block with a little unique twist in construction. It made my day.

Velda Roy August 31, 2022

what a great block and memories look forward to doing it thank you and an going to order the book mix it up it looks like fun

Gail Mason August 27, 2022

Such a wonderful way to honor your father. Love his pictures you posted. Your new collection looks beautiful.

Linda Bond August 27, 2022

Loved your Gentleman’s Fancy block and your honoring your Dad. My Dad was also a ‘dapper dresser’ back in the day!

Marie Eddins August 24, 2022

What a great tribute to Dad!!

Bonnie Mosher August 24, 2022

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