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As I’m writing this… my newest fabric collection with Moda is being shown to quilt shops around the world. (!)  

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(I know that it seems like I just wrote about a new fabric collection, ‘Grace’ , & I wanted to give you the update that as with so many of the fabric collections this year - there is a delay in Grace arriving. From the slowdowns at the mills - to the shipping process (wait times at ports & then customs) … delays have been more the rule rather than the exception. SO… the delivery time for ‘Grace’ is now looking to be October… (about 2 months later than originally planned.) And, just so you know - Moda has been very pro-active about the reality of delays & have moved up debut times for collections - so that hopefully we can try to gain a little ground with all the delays (that we can’t control). So - if it feels like you’re seeing new collections a little faster lately… that’s why!)

So - with all that… I am personally so excited to introduce to you my newest fabric collection - Cottage Linen Closet!

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This collection is so very special to me.

Whenever I would be asked to write a bio about myself for a book, website, workshop/class, etc…, I have always started by quilting experience (& my love of quilts) back to the quilts we had when I was a little girl. Here’s a little bit of what’s written…

“Then there were the beautiful patchwork quilts that my grandmas had made that Mom kept on the higher shelves in the linen closet. They were a little higher than I could reach but I would always take a peek at them whenever I was asked to get something for my Mom from the lower shelves or when putting away the towels while “helping’” my Mom fold the laundry. (True confession… I still like the process of folding laundry.) The quilts were saved for special occasions, when snuggling and comfort was especially needed – like a cold or just those times when my Mom knew that getting cuddled while wrapped in one of the quilts would help make everything little better. She was so right, they still have that effect on me.”

Those quilts… the softness of them, the faded colors (from years of them being hung on the clothesline to dry in the fresh air) are the inspiration for the quilts I design & designing fabrics as well. With Cottage Linen Closet - I set out to try to capture the feel of those quilts & the soft, cozy, & (albeit a little faded) colors of those quilts. It’s what I’ve had going around in my imagination for all the years I’ve designed quilts. 

I hope that you will embrace & surround yourself with the colors, & comfy feel of Cottage Linen Closet fabrics - as they are - or as a starting point for creating cozy heirlooms for your family & loved ones.

(And, be sure to let your local quilt shop know that you would like for them to carry  Cottage Linen Closet in their shop! Moda is taking orders now!)  (Cottage Linen Closet is scheduled to arrive in quilt shops January 2022.)

Cottage Linen Closet HB

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with a bunch of new patterns that I’ve designed using both my ‘Cottage Linen Closet’ collection & also my ‘Grace’ collection.

Here’s to all the comfy, cozy & clean fresh air feels! 🌿

♥︎  Bren


I literally could quilt with just your fabric collections- they are to the eyes what birthday cake is on my birthday- absolutely wonderful every time❤🎂🧵

Penny August 31, 2021

A few weeks ago i ordered your beautiful fabrics for my quiltshop in the Netherlands. I LOVE them!
Greetings from Holland.

Supergoof Quilts August 14, 2021

Another beautiful collection that I must have!♥️💕♥️Thank you for designing such sweet fabrics! I just love them all!

Sue Powell August 14, 2021

Another beautiful collection of fabrics… theres a definite ‘buzz’ over here in the UK over these fabrics!!

Dawn Monk August 11, 2021

Oh, Bren, it’s just so beautiful! My heart fluttered when I saw those beautiful fabrics! Well done!

Vicky McGee August 11, 2021

Loved reading about your inspiration for Cottage Linen Closet.

Mary Kolb August 11, 2021

Another absolutely fabulous collection Bren. It’s so me. Thank you💖💖💖💖

Mary Andra August 10, 2021

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