Grace upon Grace

When finally sitting myself down to write this post, I checked back on the last journal post I did to announce a fabric collection - which was for Dover - & I had to laugh because I was also late in writing a post about Dover - & also at the date… which was also April 21. There must be something about this date where I finally get my act together(!) (By the way… what ever happened to me doing a post about my Sophie fabric collection…! (Sorry Sophie!)

So… needless to say - even though I’m late in introducing my next collection… I am beyond happy to introduce you to Grace! 🌸

Grace collection

Because I’m a little late in getting the word out - I’ve seen some social media posts about Grace (…thank you to Moda & some of the quilt shops that have ordered Grace!) - & what’s been fun is to read how folks are finding somethings that are very familiar about Grace… & they are right!

Grace actually had a different working name in its creation. I was referring to it as ‘Return to Ambleside’… as well as ‘Ambleside’s little sister’.  That’s because that over the seven years since the release of Ambleside, my first collection with Moda, I have continually been asked if folks could still find Ambleside fabrics. So, when it came time to design this collection, I chose a few prints from Ambleside - resized them (to keep it fun!) - & then added some fun new prints. I worked with the same colorways that I used for Ambleside - so it will work wonderfully for the folks who have been holding on to their Ambleside bundles & scraps. Or, if you missed out on the original Ambleside - Grace is just as charming & sweet!

I have to admit that when it came time to renaming this collection, I tossed out a couple of options… but I knew that ‘Grace’ was the perfect name. Also, because we submit collections about a year before they are introduced - I was working on this collection during the time period of my Dad’s passing. With all the events of the past year, it has made me reflect - quite a lot - on all the blessings in my life, & for how thankful I am for God’s grace & how much comfort it continually brings  me. (On top of that - the hymn, ‘Amazing Grace’, was one of the songs my Dad had requested for his memorial service. For the service, his great-grandchildren were the ones who led the congregation in singing the song together - & that memory, & the words to the hymn have brought so much joy in this past year.

So, for those reasons, my Grace collection is a very special one for me. But also, because it is ‘related’ to Ambleside - it holds a special place in my heart. As I mentioned, Ambleside was my first collection with Moda, and the story of how that happened has ‘grace’ written all over it. One day, I will share how that happened… but for now, I’m just so pleased to carry on the legacy into this fabric collection. I can honestly say it has captured my heart & brings me such joy.

I hope that you will also enjoy Grace & create something that brings joys in the years to come.

Grace is being shown to shops now (so don’t delay & let your local quilt shop know if you would like them to carry it!), & is scheduled to arrive in August 2021.

I will have the new quilt designs & information about pre-ordering some Grace pre-cuts posted to the website tomorrow - so be sure to check them out! (There will only be a couple of days to pre-order bundles…!) 

Here’s to Grace!!

 ♥︎  Bren


I’ve been interested in making a quilt with the the Grace collection. Correct me if I’m wrong, but are the flowers poppies? I have a new grand baby named Poppy and thought this would be perfect.

Suzanne Tylek February 17, 2022

That is a beautiful story and I appreciate your words about God’s Grace. He has shown me so much grace thought out my life. Thank you for the reminder. Now when I look at my Hope Blooms Quilt, I will be reminded of that Grace he offers and Hope will Bloom for me in my heart again. Thank you so much. Heidi

Heidi Ennis November 24, 2021

What a perfect name for this beautiful fabric line! We all need more Grace in our lives, don’t we? So thankful that His mercies are new every morning!! The name of this line is a perfect reminder. Isn’t it wonderful to incorporate our faith into the works of our hands? I love it!

Susan Smith April 22, 2021

I’m so sorry to hear of your father’s passing. I was very concerned that was why you have been so quiet. Please accept my sincerest condolences. Knowing where he is helps so much, but it is still such a loss to lose someone you love so much. And someone you have cared for so directly. Blessings of comfort and grace to you as you walk this road.

Colleen C. April 22, 2021

I understand why it’s called “Grace”. I’m working with Ambleside and mixing in Sophie as we speak so naturally I do love Grace, as well.

Take care of yourself, Brenda!

Darlene and Cooper April 21, 2021

You have been on my mind lately because I finally (!) started “A Cuppa” with my Ambleside fabric stash and have been very much enjoying the softness of the fabric, colors and prints as I work on the quilt. Now I can’t wait to get the “little sister” fabrics to mix with my scraps for another special quilt. Congratulations on another great line!

Sharon April 21, 2021

What a heartwarming story! Grace….how we all need it. This fabric line is gorgeous, as are all your fabrics🌷I’m looking forward to Grace & will think of you & our Heavenly Father as I work with the fabrics.
The quilt will be a reminder to me to give Grace as I receive Grace.
Blessings to you Brenda🌷

Jane April 21, 2021

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