It’s about to get pretty busy around here (or should I say busier)… so I wanted to pop in & catch folks up with things around here.

In the past several weeks, I’ve been putting together all of my ideas for the next few quilts for my next fabric collection. One of my deadlines was yesterday & I just squeaked in the night before & sent in all the quilts (in a digital format - as we don’t get our fabrics in time enough to make them & do all the photography that Moda needs for their catalog, & sales sheets for the reps to use when they meet with shop owners.) & the spread sheet that lists all the quilt info… (down to the each of the fabrics & amounts needed.) It always feels overwhelming when I’m in the midst of it all - but it’s all worth it because Moda does such amazing marketing & promotion.

working on new patterns

So, now with that deadline met… I’m on to working on the patterns (I designed the new pattern covers today) & also the next fabric collection!  (This is also the time when it can get confusing as to what design belongs to which collection!)

advance copy of my book

The other fun thing that has happened this past week was that I received my advance copy of my new book, ‘Acorn Cottage’, from Martingale. Oh my… they did such an amazing job! I can’t wait to get to show you more…. Speaking of that, starting soon, I get to start posting more & more about it, & I’m so looking forward to sharing some of the ‘Godwinks’ that happened with the making of ‘Acorn Cottage’(!)  (Until then… it is already listed on Amazon for pre-order… & I’ve got a fun idea for everyone that pre-orders…!)

Acorn Cottage - coming soon pre-order

 On the home front, I want to thank so many of you who have sent emails, DM’s, & texts checking in on Dad & Bailey.

 Always before, I’ve been able to say that they are fine, but to be honest, we are now at the point where we are taking it day by day. (For those of you who might be newer to following (& especially because I’ve been so scattered in my blog posting) - my Dad, who turns 92 next week, lives with me & this past year have been filled with mini-strokes, a new diagnosis of a seizure disorder, & the onset of dementia.)  I’ve have though, learned to recognize & discern a seizure compared to a mini stroke, & am now aware of the questions that I know EMT’s will need when they are called. We take each day at a time & I’m just so grateful & feel blessed that we have this living arrangement & that I can help. This past year was the first full year that he didn’t drive at all, & I’m happy to say (!) that he is now comfortable with being driven wherever it is he wants to go. At first he used a wonderful local shuttle service we have, but since his last hospital visit (last spring), I think he doesn’t feel as confident to go out on his own. So, we have a little schedule of day trips that has become part of the routine around here.


Dad w/ mug

On the Bailey front (my sweet little Bichon-Poo ‘pup’)… he’s on the back end of his 13th year… & old age has shown itself, especially these past several months. His bout with Valley Fever a few years ago left him with liver damage (one of his liver enzymes is still ‘off the charts’ - even though he’s been off the medicine for well over a year), & his blindness is pretty much complete (more & more often getting lost in the house & running into walls & chairs) as well as his hearing. On top of all that, just lately, we’ve discovered that he is pretty much the ‘poster child’ for Cushings Disease. It was mentioned to me a few times & when I looked it up - it was as if someone was describing Bailey.  The medicines that are used to treat Cushings Disease are not something he can tolerate, & so with everything else… it’s a daily evaluation of his quality of life. He has had some good days this past week, but then he has a set-back & my hopes sink.

Bailey sleeps 1.2020 close

So… again, we’re taking it day-by-day.

 … And while that may seem hard at times, truly I have learned to see the blessing it actually is. This past year, I’ve learned not to take things for granted… & what is really important.  God has shown me how to say “no” to so many things & He’s also brought about blessings I would have never imagined. 

All the plans I may have made & thought would ‘need’ to happen… fade in the beauty of being present & taking things day-by-day.

 ♥ Bren


I am new to your website, and I am touched by your candor in sharing your life with those of us who stop by to look at your beautiful products. I have had life experiences that almost brought me to my knees, but then I reflect on a quote in the book “The Prophet” : The things that bring you joy are the things that break your heart.”

Reggie Billings December 14, 2021

Dearest Bren:
I love your new website! It’s such a lovely, uplifting place to visit and I’ll enjoy exploring it in the coming days.
I came to check on Bailey and see how your sweet boy is doing. Please know that I feel your concern across the miles, and I’ll pray for better days for him. Old dogs are the sweetest, but they also tear at our hearts. You and your little guy will be in my daily thoughts.
I’ll be back again soon.

Brynwood Needleworks December 07, 2020

Thank you so much for catching us up. Bailey and your dad are so lucky to have you and you them. Taking one day at a time is often the best even under good circumstances. Enjoy every moment, you have such a special family. I will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. Many hugs !! Terrie

Terrie Ruiz January 31, 2020

Sending only good thoughts for your Dad and your furry pal!!

bobbie rumler January 30, 2020

Reading your post was like a comforting note about old friends. Bailey has been blessed by you as your father is. Rest when you can…I know these days too and they can be so long. How thankful I am for beautiful fabric and quilting ideas to brighten my life.

Laurie Shain January 22, 2020

Bren, You have such a great perspective on your life challenges. Enjoy the time you have with Bailey & be sure to ask for help with your Dad when you need it. Thinking of you. Hugs.

Mary Kolb January 21, 2020

I am sorry you are facing a tough beginning to the new year. Saying good bye is tough but we are reminded that he is with us at all times. Please take comfort in the great times you have shared with your loved ones and you did a wonderful job taking care of them. I have just gone through something similar and that is what is helping me. Gratitude for those relationships.
Praying for you.

Florence January 21, 2020

Wonderful post -I know your heart is full as you have such promise for the coming year. Hugs to you as well as Dad and the pup. Dads hold a forever place in your heart, and as we all know - when a pet enters your home it never will leave your heart. I vote for steak every night and just enjoy him.

Melanie January 21, 2020

Glad to know today Dad and little Bailey are fine. I think of you often. I have been down that road and I know its full of blessings as well as challenges. Sending all the 🙏 your way. Smooches to my little friend Bailey and a warm hello to your dad. Xo pam

Pam January 21, 2020

Thank you for being so open with us and sharing the happenings in your life. My family and I moved in with my MIL and lived together for over 25 years. I was her full-time caregiver for the last 15 years of her life, so I understand the dynamics of the life of a caregiver. But when it is family that you love it is so much more than "caregiving’. It’s loving, sharing, being a rock, full of concerns, and yes, even frustration. My heart goes out to you (along with my prayers), and I hope you can find every minute of joy there remains to be had in the time you share. I can tell you this: no matter how hard or how painful the journey is, you will never, ever regret taking this road. I pray for a multitude of blessings with your Dad and Bailey for you. You will hold every memory with you for the rest of your life.

I’m so sorry to hear about Bailey too. Our pups are so special to us. Three months after my MIL went home to be with Jesus, both of my rescue dogs had to be put to sleep because their bodies were full of cancer. It was so hard! I just sat on the floor of the vet’s office and held them and sobbed. But I know it was the merciful thing to do. Life had gotten too difficult for both of them, and there was nothing further that could be done to help them.

That season was one of the most difficult I have experienced, but I am so thankful to have had the time I did with my MIL, and my pups. They were each gifts in their own way, and I am grateful.

Blessings to you lovely lady. Thank you for sharing so much beauty with us. Your gift brings light to us all.


Colleen Coffman January 21, 2020

My heart was full of emotion reading your blog. It’s amazing how beautiful the Presence of God is during these times and your outlook is precious. Your dad and my mom are the same age (she turns 92 Feb.4) and so each day we have her is a blessing. I pray that when it comes time for them to enter the presence of the King, that it is peaceful for them. I pray that also for your Bailey. I feel like he’s the next door neighbor’s dog as we’ve just grown to love the posts of him all these years.
May God bless you in the days ahead as you continue to trust in His wonderful mercy, grace, and steadfast love.

Sue January 21, 2020

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