Mix It Up - Giveaway Winner

Before I announce the giveaway winner, I want to thank everyone who stopped by and left a comment. Reading through all the things that we are all thankful for reminded me of all the blessings that surround us. They truly all touched my heart!

To celebrate all the blessings - because I can't send a prize to everyone - I want to offer a small way of saying thank you. So - for the Veteran's Day weekend -  I've added a buy-one-get-one free for all PDF patterns!! Simply add two PDF patterns to your cart & one will automatically be free - no code needed! And... if you're not in the market for PDF patterns... simply use the code 'blessing' for 25% off your purchase!

And now.... I'm so pleased to announce that the winner of my giveaway for the 'Mix It Up' Hop is... Terrie - (chocolate_isthe_best_medicine)...!!!  😊😄🎉

I'll be emailing you Terrie! Congratulations!!

Thanks again for visiting the journal/bog & I hope you all have a blessed weekend! I look forward to you coming back to visit!




I’m feeling that I must’ve missed out on an amazing gift, and I am trying to “get” this modern world 🌎of shopping and learning online. So…Thank you for all the people you did give a giftbto. I think it shows that your compassion for all people is all good and all caring. Great job.!!!!
Personally, I found a pattern (it’s from 2017), but it is perfect…PERFECT for my mom, and I’m beside myself to get started on it! I’m so grateful that this Covid-19 has allowed me the freedom to search farther and wider for information and ideas, not-to-mentioned the beautiful fabrics! God bless! ❤

Lori Powers April 18, 2020

Congratulations to the winner. Enjoy 💖💖💖💖

Mary Andra January 21, 2020

Congratulations Terrie!!

Mary November 09, 2019

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