Introducing - 'Ellie'

Whoosh….! My goodness these last 2 months have gone by so fast! 

I did have a fabric deadline… & I am currently finishing up writing directions for new patterns for my ‘Ellie’ fabric collection… (& pattern writing was delayed because of the new fabric collection deadline… & I didn’t plan ahead enough!) So, while I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to post - it’s been staying on the back burner. But - I’m finally sitting myself down & I’m hoping I don’t ramble on too much!

First, I want to introduce my latest fabric collection, ‘Ellie’. ‘Ellie’ is currently being shown to quilt shop owners & it is scheduled to ship mid-late October 2023.

Ellie logo


I have had so much fun with ‘Ellie’. Here’s the write-up I did for the Moda catalogue for Ellie:

“Making a home surrounded by flower gardens and cozy soft colors is what brings me such joy. No matter where you might live, being able to bring some that softness into our daily lives is a way of taking a deep breath, of welcoming tranquility and comfort.

With a fresh color palette that you can mix for seasonal quilts & projects, or including all the color families for a scrappy garden of colors, ‘Ellie’ envelops these airy, fresh, cozy feels for your home, and to share with those you love. Take a deep breath & welcome Ellie into your home!’

Last fall - when I made my choices & gave the approval for the ‘Ellie’ strike-offs - I knew what I wanted to do for patterns right away. I knew that I wanted to do another appliqué design (it’s been awhile!), & I knew I wanted to keep all the designs very fresh & classic… & so here are the new patterns… 

Felicity - 

Felicity cover
I honestly can’t decide if I like the light or pebble background better.
I love them both. 
I made the border pieced - so that once all the appliqué is complete - you can complete the quilt so much faster. I was inspired by the striping that you find on French toweling for the border design. I just love her!  Felicity measures 51” x 51.


Ellie - 

Ellie cover
This quilt design is in celebration of the flowers that I love being surrounded in. I made Ellie in two sizes - so that you can make it a coverlet size (84” x 84”)  - or a throw / table topper size (66” x 66”).  (The block size is the same - the large size is made larger with the addition of a border.)   Pick the colors you love to make this design custom for you!


Sojourn - 

Sojourn cover
The block I used in Sojourn is one of the vintage blocks that I have seen in books that focus on vintage quilts. These kind of quilts are the ones that really stir my heart. I honestly want to make all of them, & have a selection of these classic, simple designs. They make for wonderful quilts that can be used in home decor - & compliment so many different styles.
That’s why they are such classic.
The original vintage quilt was a two color quilt - & so while I designed a scrappy version, featuring the ‘Ellie’ fabrics - I couldn’t help but also include the two-color versions… this time in pebble & green. Again… I love them all.


Fair Meadow

Fair Meadow cover
You may recognize this design! Many (many) years ago (in my first year designing quilts!), I designed a quilt called Meadow. I re-released the pattern, with a mini-version with my ‘Ambleside’ fabric collection (9 years ago now)
- & over the years, I have received many requests for it to be larger…
so was borne - Fair Meadow. 
Fair meadow does have appliqué on the borders - but I use the fusible, machine stitched technique that makes it much easier than it might look. This version is square & will work as a larger throw or coverlet. 
Fair Meadow measures 76” x 76”


Garden Path

Garden Path cover

The design for Garden Path came from just that… a garden path!  I took a photo of a path done in stonework that wound through a garden because I couldn’t stop looking at… it fascinated me! So, I played around with it - & figured out how to re-create it in fabric. Because the path was made up from multiple colors & shades of stone, I used a fat quarter bundle for mine - keeping the scrappy look. (I also think it could be done with a more subtle tonal palette & it would look wonderful too!)  Garden Path measures 76” x 76”.

The patterns will be available on the website in about a week… & as a thank you for your support - for the first week they will be 20% off.

Also… you can pre-order some of the ‘Ellie’ pre-cuts. The pre-orders will only be up for a limited time, as I will be using the pre-order numbers as a guide for when I place my order.

I’m thinking about kitting a couple of the quilts - so if there are any of the new quilts that you would like as a kit - let me know!

Thanks so much folks…  I know that it can be a little frustrating to be shown things that aren’t available yet… (& trust me I get it - I have to keep everything a secret for about a year!) … but I hope you enjoy getting some peeks at what’s coming soon…

… & if it’s anything like the first 3 months of this year… ‘Ellie’ will be here before you know it!

 ♥  Bren


I had not visited your shop in a long time, but found it today, and to my delight 2 patterns with the names of two of my granddaughters, Ellie and Felicity. Now you just need to make one called Charlotte and one called Vivienne! I love your color palette and sweet designs.

Carla Ball May 26, 2023

Dear Brenda
as always your collections are beautiful.
I love the new quilt designs too.
Fair Meadow in blue would be my first choice!!

Rosemary March 24, 2023

Oooh, Garden Path has my heart! I’m making notes on my calendar to add Ellie to my shopping list for September. You have designed another beautiful collection!

Barbara March 21, 2023

So beautiful I have a kit for Meadowland that I’ve saved for years
Love your fabric 💕

Judy Sullivan March 21, 2023

Oh I’d love to see Sojourn and Fair Meadow kitted up!

Deborah Jones March 20, 2023

Love these new patterns but especially cute one with the house. Lovely size for wall hanging.

Karen March 20, 2023

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