Mixing It Up!

I've had the pleasure of being asked to be a part of several of the Moda All-Stars books from Martingale, & each & every one of them have been so much fun. But this latest book, 'Mix It Up' is one of my absolute favorites!

I had so much fun making my quilt, called 'Rosebud Pinwheels', & I had even more fun using Moda's 'Cupcake Mix' papers to make it! I also have tagged several pages in the book - because there are sooo many projects I want to make from it. I love that in a book... so many amazing projects to make (or at least dream about!). (I do have to admit... I have quite a few books that I've bought just to dream over!)

While all the designs in the book were inspired & created with the Cake Mix or Cupcake papers that (the genius) 'Miss Rosie' at Moda has created & it makes them so much fun to make, the book also includes guidance of how to convert what can be made with each of the Cake Mix & Cupcake Mix papers so you could make the projects a more traditional way.

But... I do hope that you will give using the Cake Mix & Cupcake Mix papers a try. They are so much fun!! (Oh!, & there is a step-by-step photos of how you use then & lots of tips!) I'm not one that jumps pn the bandwagon for every product that is released, but I have to admit that, when there are a lot of them to be made... I love using these papers for making half-square triangles (& quarter-square triangles too). The accuracy is amazing & the process is so. much fun.!

If you would like a chance to win your own copy or an e-book of Mix It Up... be sure to come back the week of November 4th - for the blog hop we will be doing with Martingale, Moda, & the designers - with some of our favorites from this wonderful book, & some amazing facts about the Moda All-Stars books...!

Here's to inspiring books & fun projects!



Your quilt is so pretty!

Karen D Martin November 06, 2019

I have never used Cake Mix papers but would love to try…it’s nice to know the book also gives the more traditional instructions as well. Thanks for the info….ps…I love your quilts…the colors are so soothing…

Kathy Upton November 06, 2019

I love your fabrics – the sweet florals really speak to me. Moda and Lissa Alexander are absolutely fabulous. What a great combination of you both!

Ann West November 06, 2019

Your quilt and new fabric collection are fabulous. Mixing It Up is also looking fabulous. Congratulations to all involved in another fabulous Moda Allstars book by Lissa Alexander 💖💖💖💖

Mary Andra November 05, 2019

I look forward to reading your blog and website thanks love your fabric there sooo soft looking!!! cuddlely I live in Corona de Tucson Southeast corner of Tucson…in the Santa Rita Mountains…we did live in Dove Mountain for five years

bobbie rumler November 01, 2019

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