Acorn Cottage - Coventry & A Cuppa

We’re getting close to completing the ‘tour’ of all the quilts in my new book with Martingale, ‘Acorn Cottage’… & today I’m featuring two quilts that have two of my favorites… stars… & (in my case) coffee!!!

First up is my ‘Coventry’ quilt. This is a great quilt for all levels of quilters. It features the classic Sawtooth Star blocks (one of my favorites) & a fun little bit of piecing on the border that adds a fun little ‘dotted’ design to frame the airy field of stars.

I first made Coventry years ago - featuring a beautiful 3 Sister’s Moda fabric called Roman Holiday. And, while I still love that quilt… & I bring it out every winter, I always wanted to make it one of my own fabric collections & with a softer palette… & this is that quilt! The beauty of this design though - is that it looks great in any style of fabric. It’s a classic design & perfect to make it your own with whatever your favorite fabrics are.

Coventry quilt

Another quilt design - where there are two size options available in the book is ‘A Cuppa’.A CuppaA Cuppa mini

As I write this post… my ‘a-cuppa’ is right next to me… as every day, my day starts with my coffee! (I love the stitchery I recently saw that says, “First I drink the coffee… then I do the things…” - I can so relate to that!) But if you’re a tea drinker, or if you fancy a latte or a mocha… you’re covered with this design! It features two different styles/sizes of cups, & I also included a little plate - just in case you like treats with your cuppa!

(The fabrics I used for 'Coventry' are my 'Fleurs' fabric collection, & for 'A Cuppa' - I used my Ambleside fabric collection.)

So there are two more!!… & I’ll be back very soon with the final two designs for Acorn Cottage!

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hi brenda
can you share which fabrics were used to make a cuppa.
its beautiful and I would love to make it exactly as you did!

Andrea April 26, 2021

I’m a brand new quilter and I saw a shop sample quilt from your Coventry pattern. I instantly fell in love and I didn’t even know why. As I have wandered the internet and looked at lots of quilts, I now know that I LOVE low volume quilts. This favorite shop carries all your fabrics…I’m anxiously waiting for Sophie and Grace!

Kaye Lynne Dunham April 03, 2021

I cannot tell you what happiness and joy I have had when I made Coventry and Small Cuppa ! It brought back so many memories of my Grandma and myself having a cuppa tea every day. She was a saint and whenever I think of her, she had a cuppa in her hand. Each and every time I see my quilts I think of those joyous moments. Thank you so much !!

cheri bergson January 04, 2021

Every quilt in your fabulous book is a have to make. I’m loving every one of them.

Mary Andra March 12, 2020

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