Acorn Cottage - Snowflake Fleurs, Blissful, & Nesting

Another little delay (…life) - but I’ve got more Acorn Cottage quilts to share with you!

 The first quilts up for today are the Snowflake Fleurs quilts (…both the larger & smaller versions are included in the book!). This quilt design was inspired by one of the beautiful vintage quilts from the ‘Infinite Variety: Red and White Quilts’ exhibition. While the original quilt was white appliqué on a red background (so beautiful!) - I chose a light background (no surprise there!) with multicolor appliqué.  

 I’ve hung my larger ‘Snowflake Fleurs’ quilt as a wall-hanging - but I just love how the photographer & stylist draped it over the settee!Snowflake FleursFor the smaller ‘Snowflake Fleurs’ (called ‘Mini Fleurs’ in the book), I used red & green prints  for the appliqué (making it perfect for Christmas)… but because the prints are simple florals & gingham, I can use this quilt all year round!

 The second quilt for today is called ‘Blissful’. This design is based on a vintage block (which, as you know… I love!), and I also love that this version & it’s smaller scaled blocks is perfect for using smaller bit of fabrics you’ve saved - or to feature a favorite collection of fabrics you treasure.

 The final quilt for today… is one that hung in my bedroom for many years. It just made me so happy…! I called it ‘Nesting’ (perfect for a bedroom quilt…!)'Nesting’ has a touch of appliqué & embroidery, surrounded by squares a gingham setting, & a sweet easy-to-stitch scallop border. It’s the perfect nesting quilt… (for any age)!

With only a few more quilts to go - for Acorn Cottage - I want to stop & let you know how much it means to me that so many of you have purchased my book. My first order of books has arrived & I’ll be shipping out the first bunch of books tomorrow!… easily the highlight of my week!  

Also, I just want to thank you for visiting & reading my journal posts… I know that blogging might seem a little ‘old-school’ with all the other social media options… but I’ve come full circle when it comes to posting journal/blog posts. There’s no algorithm determining who will (& won’t!) see my posts, & so please know that I’ll be here more & more.


(I'll be back with more quilts from 'Acorn Cottage', and until then, if you want to get more peeks at the projects included in the book, Martingale, Amazon, & Barnes and Noble have posted a bunch of photos. You can  now order at any of their websites (as well as mine!), & I also want to encourage you - if you have a local quilt shop - to let them know & ask them to order it for you!)

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So enjoying your blog posts, Brenda. Looking forward to the book!

Karen S March 08, 2020

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