Acorn Cottage - Stepping Stones & Mills’ Cabin

Okay… we are at the last two quilts that make up ‘Acorn Cottage’! But as they say, “last - but not least”! The size of these two quilts, ‘Stepping Stones’, & ‘Mills’ Cabin’ are fun little sizes (or as I lake to call them, “littles”). So, they can make wonderfully fun weekend projects, or be great as a gift for someone special.Stepping StonesThe first quilt is called ‘Stepping Stones’. It features my all time favorite block (if-I-ever-had-to-choose-just-one), a nine-patch!… In fact all of the pieced blocks are nine-patch blocks. (See… I told you I loved them!)  I love the simplicity (a simple, nine-patch, two colors and  background) & the airy feel of this design - but… I would love to see it made with a darker (grey or even black?) background for a completely different look! (I can see another quilt added to my ‘to-do’ list…!)

 However you make your ‘Stepping Stones’ quilt - I hope you have as much fun with these humble little nine-patches & that they will become (if not already!) a favorite of yours as well.

The final quilt is a longtime favorite. It’s very scrappy, very fun, & is a perfect use of charm pack squares (5”) you might have (& not know what to do with…), or of fabrics in your scrap basket. 

Mills' CabinThis little quilt I have called ‘Mills’ Cabin’… & it is named after a college weekend in Minnesota where a bunch of us went to a cabin his parents had - up in the middle of the ‘land of 10.000 lakes’. It was such a fun weekend for me - of learning all about life on a lake, of how a wood stove can warm up an entire cabin (it was a chilly fall season)… & of listening to stories around a fire outside - looking up at all of the stars,  while snuggling under blankets, trying to stay warm. I think it was the ‘scrappy-ness’ of the design that reminded me of a couple of the well worn blankets that became so very precious to us that weekend. So… Mills’ Cabin it was named… & it reminds me of that great weekend memory (& of all those stars!!!) 

So there you have it! … All the quilts included in ‘Acorn Cottage’! If you’ve missed any - be sure to look at the previous journal posts!… Or better yet - you can get you own book!… It is available now! (Still feels surreal to say!)  I have just received a new shipment of the books - & I’m signing all of the ones that are ordered from the website. (You can find it in the ‘shop’ (in the ‘books’ or the ‘new items’ section in the menu above.) - Or - it is also available directly from Martingale - or on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

I want to again thank all of you who have let me know they’ve received their copy of ‘Acorn Cottage’ & all your encouragement… It means so much. Also - if you have a minute - I want to invite you to leave a review on either Amazon or at the Martingale web page. (I’ve learned it actually means a lot!… & even if you purchased your book elsewhere - you can still leave a review on Amazon… (Who knew?!)

What a blessing this has been for me… truly, it has been a joy.

I hope ‘Acorn Cottage’ brings joy to you too!



Very excited as I just received Acorn Cottage quilt pattern book
Absolutely beautiful designs
Can’t wait to get started on my first project

Anna November 16, 2020

I just received my copy of Acorn Cottage. Love the quilts !!!! Looking forward to starting one soon👌😊

Rosa Gray March 19, 2020

I love coming to your website it’s so soft and welcoming thanks

bobbie rumler March 16, 2020

Congratulations Bren. Acorn Cottage looks absolutely fabulous. I love every project. May this be the first of many to follow.

Mary Andra March 12, 2020

Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed each and every one of these posts !! I received my book and love it as well. I started Coventry last night and just wanted to thank you so much for your inspiration !! Thank you, thank you :)

Terrie Ruiz March 12, 2020

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