Acorn Cottage - Hopscotch & Puddin’ Pie


Welcome back to the next few quilts that are included in my upcoming book, ‘Acorn Cottage’! After the little ‘delay’ in my posting in the past few weeks… I’m going to double up & feature a couple of quilts in each post. (… because the release date for my book is next week!!!)The first quilt that I’m featuring is such a fun design to make… I call it (actually ‘them’) Hopscotch! Hopscotch is made up of a classic block - sometimes called ‘Puss in the Corner’ (although that block has several versions), but I just call the block a modified 9-patch block… (probably because I love 9-patch blocks so much!) I also have loved this design, because you can simply use two colors - or you can make it as scrappy as you want & it looks great both ways.What is so fun about this design is that in the book, you have lots of options. You can make it large, with a setting that is on-point, or a small version - with a straight setting. The other fun part is that the directions show how you can easily make these blocks using a Layer Cake (10” squares) for the larger quilt, or a Charm Pack (5” squares)! So, if you want a fun way to use those Layer Cakes &/or Charm Packs… I hope you’ll try making your own Hopscotch!The next quilt, Puddin’ Pie, makes me smile every time I look at it. It shows that inspiration can come from anywhere. I was in Norway (which I fell in love with!) a few years ago, doing some trunk shows & workshops, & I saw this design on the floor tiles in a tiny little bakery. I loved them & so I took a photo (of the floor!), & I still love it now… (& it’s much easier to cuddle with!)

One of the things I love about this design is that there is a secondary design that appears when the blocks are all sewn together. I love that in a design… it’s one of the things that drew me to quilting in the beginning of my quilt making, & I still love that now.

So - there’s a few more of the ‘Acorn Cottage’ quilts…! If you are wanting to get in on the pre-order deals that are out there (see below) - be sure to order in the next week!


(I'll be back with more quilts from 'Acorn Cottage', and until then, if you want to get more peeks at the projects included in the book, Martingale, Amazon, & Barnes and Noble have posted a bunch of photos. You can pre-order at any of their websites (as well as mine), & I also want to encourage you - if you have a local quilt shop - to let them know & ask them to order it for you!)


So looking forward to your book!

Karen S February 29, 2020

Both are soooooo beautiful and sooooo soft looking. They are a must have/make for sure. 💖💖💖💖💖

Mary Andra February 27, 2020

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