The best laid plans...

Well hello there… seems like I dropped off the planet - right in the middle of my new book posts!  Sorry about going quiet for the past week or so… we had a little excitement on the Dad front.

If you read this post - you might be able to guess.  A little over a week ago, I had to call 911 for Dad. He was ‘talking’ to a friend on the phone - but he wasn’t making any sense. I had to interrupt the call (much to the relief of his friend, I think)… & when I did the tests for a stroke for Dad - he failed all of them. After a very short time - he became non-responsive. When the EMTs arrived, they all thought that he was having a stroke, (as did I). After seeing the neurologist in the ER - they suspected he had a much larger seizure than he’s had before & gave him a dose of a anti-seizure medicine in his IV, & he responded really well. I was able to bring him home late that evening, & I slept in his recliner that’s in his room… just to be sure. (He was quite wobbly & worn out from it all.)

We saw his regular doctor this past week, & while there, Dad had another seizure. He felt so bad about it - but I told him it was the best place for it to happen…! It was so good for his doctor to see what his seizures are like. So… Dad is now adapting to an additional medication… one that we hope will help quiet these seizures.

So… needless to say - the content of my days has changed a little for the past couple of weeks. In addition, I sent in a new fabric collection yesterday… & I do believe that I may just schedule in a great big nap for today… (ha-ha!… not likely!)

Actually - I’ll be back so very soon with more of the quilts in “Acorn Cottage’!

Until then… be sure to hug your loved ones!



Brenda! hey …high school bud. we all miss those days…no we don’t. I am so sorry for the trials with your dad and prayers for his health. Please contact me. I love your work and am so glad you did not waste your amazing talent. Hugs. janie.

jane paul February 29, 2020

Bren~~I think of you often walking through this time of your life. When I was a little girl an older lady told me if I was tired and really needed a hug to close my eyes and try to imagine Gods loving arms all around me. I have done that all of my life…I often NEED a hug! Here’s sending some to you.

Laurie Shain February 26, 2020

sending only good thoughts

bobbie rumler February 25, 2020

God bless both of you with his mercy and grace. I hope you enjoy some rest.

Tracie February 25, 2020

I know you probably do not remember me but I live in the area. I made the paper doll quilt and the little boy quilt for my great grandkids in Alaska. Thank you for your talent. I approached you one day in the produce section of Walmart and introduced myself. Anyway, i get your posts on Instagram and read about your Dad and puppy. I hope your Dad feels better with the meds he is on. Prayers for you and your family. God bless you

Carol Yelverton February 25, 2020

Sending prayers for your Dad. Hope the medicine has good results!

Pam McMahon February 25, 2020

So sorry to hear about your Dad. Growing old definitely brings lots of challenges and heartache for the ones aging, but also for those of us who are the caregivers too. I’m praying for His Grace to overwhelm you, fill you, and to carry you through. Remember, He never leaves nor forsakes us. Blessings.

Colleen Coffman February 25, 2020

What a time for you all…… But he has you so close by, must give him so much strength. Take care of you too…. Sending love x

Dawn Monk February 25, 2020

Being the sole caregiver is so stressful. Can’t believe you finished a fabric line in the middle of all that is going on with your Dad. Hope things settle down.

Mary Kolb February 25, 2020

Hugs and prayers to you and your dad !! Seizures are a tough thing to deal with Hope that the new medication helps and can give you some comfort.

Terrie Ruiz February 25, 2020

You and your dad are always in my prayers. Hoping Bailey is going well too. Hard times for sure. Please call me if I can help you in any way. 💞💞💞💞💞hugs filled with love Bren.

Mary Andra February 25, 2020

Sending up prayers on your behalf for strength, comfort, rest & a little more chocolate. Peace be with you & your dad.

Jane February 25, 2020

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