Dreaming of Dover

While I’m a little late in doing so - I’m so pleased to introduce my next fabric collection with Moda - called Dover.  

It’s a little bit amazing - given the times the world finds itself in - that when I was working on the designs for Dover last fall, I really wanted a fabric collection that evoked calm & tranquility… one that would be a pleasure to work with & where the projects made from it would reflect a cozy, peaceful feel. Little did I know what world events would be bringing. So, I’m hoping that Dover brings that feeling to all who create with it.

Dover… the colors (& name) are originally  inspired by the iconic ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ in England.  Tranquil, misty hues of soft whites, sea glass blue, soft green, & pebble greys create a palette that provides a soft & comforting foundation for quilts, clothing, & home furnishings.When I was doing my research of what I would name this collection, I was so drawn to the history of the White Cliffs of Dover. The crossing of the British Channel & the sight of the White Cliffs symbolized an arrival home…. & served as a sign of security, inspiration, hope and freedom for centuries.So, I invite you to surround yourself in the calm, comforting , inspiring colors, & inviting prints of Dover. 

The sales reps for Moda had just begun to show Dover & the other pre-Market collections to quilt shops, when the Covid-19 restrictions first went into place - so many shops may not know about it yet… so - if you are wanting your local quilt shop to carry Dover - be sure to get ahold of them & let them know! Dover will be shipping to shops in September.

I also have Dover pre-orders for pre-cuts (fat-quarter bundles, fat-eighth bundles, Jelly Rolls, & Layer Cakes) available here on my website & the new patterns (paper & PDF formats are already listed & ready to go!

A little insider info about Dover is that it is a smaller collection (20 fabrics)… so if you want the entire collection... it makes it more affordable (...or you can get bigger sizes!!)

I hope you embrace the feeling & the fabrics of Dover!



Every one of your fabric collections inspires me to make something beautiful. I do want to ask you what your abbreviations mean. For example. FB Friendly. Thank you. Reggie

Reggie Billings August 03, 2022

I LOVE it! Do you have a quilt kit of the Magnolia with white background?
Something really draws me to these colors, maybe I lived near Dover in a previous life???? ;-)
Take care and I hope you can fulfill my wish of a Magnolia quilt kit…..?
Thank you!

Judy October 23, 2020

I love the colors they are very pretty and peaceful

Nancy Lambert October 12, 2020

Hi. I love my copy of Acorn Cottage and take it everywhere so I can dream over it in every spare moment! Do you think Dover will work well on Coventry? Still use a white tone-on-tone for the background? Thank you.

Beth E Hardy July 30, 2020

These colors are so peaceful and beautiful!

Karen S May 01, 2020

I have had a quilt shop in Alberta for the last 14 years. Dover is positively my most loved collection in all of that time. I just LOVE!! it. Fantastic.
Thank you.

Maureen Ann Lipiec April 25, 2020

OMG love your new collection, those colors are the best and I love the story behind it. We really do need some calming these days !!! Congrats on another georgouse collection !!

Terrie April 25, 2020

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